Programs for Preschoolers

Mommy & Me (Crawlers-3 Year Olds)

Mommy & Me is a parent participation class for crawlers-3 year olds.  Athletes progress to their own preschool class at age 2 and when they're ready to do a class on their own

Tiny Tumbling (ages 3-5)

Teaches rolls, handstands, cartwheels and other beginner floor tumbling

Preschool Gymnastics (ages 2-5)

Preschool gymnastics are for little athletes aged 2-5, and focus on all women's artistic gymnastics events:  Floor, beam, bars & vault

Ready Set Dance (Ages 2-6)

Ready Set Dance is not just about teaching dance steps; it's a program that engages young children in a fun and age-appropriate way.

The vibrant music, exciting choreography, and creative activities keep kids entertained while they learn and develop their dance skills.

Cheerleading (Ages 3+)

Fusion offers non-competitive novice teams for ages 3+ and competitive cheerleading teams for ages 5+